Saturday, March 26, 2011

TRENDnet TV-IP422W video camera

Update: Trendnet has an app that works fine on the iphone. I also exchanged my camera for a new one because of the firmware problem. So now I'm totally happy with it and would definitely recommend it.

I just got my trendnet internet camera from newegg. I talked the wife into letting me buy it because we're expecting our first child, and we can use it as a baby monitor. I figured a dedicated baby monitor is not much cheaper, and this camera does so much more! I was a little bummed that it only has full functionality in Internet Explorer and it doesn't work on iPhones. But the other pluses like wireless, night vision, 2-way audio, and android support convinced me to buy it.

So far, I've had some problems:
  • In IE 64 bit, I kept getting the error "ActiveX is not installed." even after installing the activeX add-on
    • solution - doesn't seem to work in the 64bit IE. Worked fine when I tried the 32bit
  • The video stopped working in IE - it worked at first, but now it's just blank. 
    • in the setup menus, the video works, just not in the main live view
  • when I try to update the firmware, I get the error "Firmware update failed! Error: not a correct model" even though it's definitely the correct model and firmware file...

The first couple hours I had it, I was not impressed and was ready to send it back (the broken IE video was a real bummer). But once I got it working on my android phone using 'IP cam viewer lite', I started loving it. I even got it working on the wife's iPhone using 'camip'.

The night vision is quite impressive. One thing I'm a bit disappointed with is that you have to hook up an external speaker to get audio out.

Both pictures below were snapshots taken from the Android app.
Testing out the night vision with the cat:

Caught the dog sleeping on the couch while we were away at the movies.

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