Sunday, May 20, 2012

trendnet TV-IP422W: how to take time lapse videos using a NAS

I wanted to setup my trendnet TV-IP422W to record images or video snippets at a regular interval to my network attached storage (NAS) so I could then convert them into a time lapse video. I just figured it out, but the setup wasn't obvious to me, so I thought I'd post what works in case it's helpful to anyone else. From the setup page, go to Event Server, then Network Storage. It should look like this:

  • Samba Server Address: enter IP address or name, nothing extra
    • or nasname
    • if you use the name, do not enter slashes like this \\nasname
  • Share: top directory, no slashes
    • something like Volume_1
  • Path: 
    • something like /ipcamfolder/ or just ipcamfolder
  • When you click on the Test button, it should write a text file to the folder and popup a message saying it was successful.

Now go to Event Config and Schedule Profile and add a new profile for the days and times you want to record pictures.

Go to Event Config and General to set how long to record for each time - I left it at 1 second, the minimum.

Go to Event Config and Schedule Trigger to enable recording, select the schedule, and pick the recording interval.

Now I have a ton of 1 second .avi video files that I need to combine to make 1 time lapse video. I'm using windows 7, so the simplest thing for me to use is Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM).

WLMM can only load so many videos at a time, which got annoying, so I ended up using Lifehacker's AVI-joiner to combine all the avi files. Then I open the long avi file and speed it up with WLMM.

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