Monday, April 2, 2012

attaching infant carseat to bakfiets

I just got my bakfiets from MyDutchBike and the first order of business was to install hooks for an infant car seat. Inspired by these pictures of a solution, I headed off to the hardware store. 

Here are the parts I ended up using - eye bolts, larger washers, and locking nuts.

The right side was easy and just bolted in place. Here's a picture of the bottom:

I had hoped to come up with a method that didn't involve drilling any holes in the bucket, but the kickstand magnet was in the way on the left, so I ended up drilling one hole for the left side.

All finished with both eye bolts attached.

 And the car seat hooked in.

 I added some old towels to cushion the ride a little.

I biked Silas to daycare today and he loved it! 

(Here is how we used a bobike mini to transition to the bench once he outgrew the infant carseat)

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