Monday, April 2, 2012

attaching infant carseat to bakfiets

I just got my bakfiets from MyDutchBike and the first order of business was to install hooks for an infant car seat. Inspired by these pictures of a solution, I headed off to the hardware store. 

Here are the parts I ended up using - eye bolts, larger washers, and locking nuts.

The right side was easy and just bolted in place. Here's a picture of the bottom:

I had hoped to come up with a method that didn't involve drilling any holes in the bucket, but the kickstand magnet was in the way on the left, so I ended up drilling one hole for the left side.

All finished with both eye bolts attached.

 And the car seat hooked in.

 I added some old towels to cushion the ride a little.

I biked Silas to daycare today and he loved it! 

(Here is how we used a bobike mini to transition to the bench once he outgrew the infant carseat)


  1. How did you secure the front of the bike (the back of the "car" seat)? I'm looking to do something like this as well!

  2. I didn't secure it down at the front - it seemed good enough without anything extra. I often left the carrying handle up - I figured that would act as a roll cage in case of a bad spill.